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A letter from the President

First a sincere thank you to the members for your patience,

understanding, and co-operation over the past months. We

have worked with Health Authorities and Government to

reduce the risk of Covid 19 at Naracoorte Golf Club. Weekly

communication with Clubs S.A., Golf Australia, & Golf S.A.,

have contributed to the success our State has achieved.

This has been time consuming and without the advice,

support, and commitment of your committee the task could

have been very difficult to administer.

Last Saturday we re-opened the clubhouse after two

months of closure and the maximum of twenty members in

the clubhouse rule was observed without any issues.

I am pleased to advise that as from Thursday June 11, Club

Captain Michael Porter will set the daily competition event

time-sheets to give you the option to play in fours.

The first tee only will continue to be used until the numbers

allowed in the clubhouse are increased to a level that

accommodates using the 10 th tee as well.

We remain in regular contact with Richard Oliver who will

undergo a major shoulder operation next Thursday, and we

wish him success and a quick recovery.

Employee Luke Munro finished work at our club last Friday

and has already travelled to his new residence at Mission

Beach Queensland.

Last week the replacement of a large portion of the

clubhouse upstairs floor and damage in the ladies locker

room was replaced after the professional eradication of

white ants.

Given the restrictions on course and the clubhouse during

the staging of the Club Championships our biggest event of

the year was an outstanding success. Congratulations to all

the players that qualified and the final championship

winners in all grades men & women. Club Captains Mick

Porter and Sally Macleod completed this task with

professional results.

Melville Proud (NGC President)