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Naracoorte Golf Club Course Superintendant Tim Shortt was welcomed last Thursday morning with trees blocking the entrance to the club. The devastating storm the night before up rooted tree’s, stripped the branches from two huge trees behind the 16th tee and left a trail of destruction down the 17th fairway. The 16th green had minor damage and trees near the nursery were also damaged.

A call for help by email to club members had an immediate response, with trailors, chainsaws, and heavy equipment on site soon after.

Bill Moorhouse, Michael Schinckel, Richard Male, Bob Davies, Adrian

Zerk, Graham Henschke, Tom Porter, Digby Schinckel, Terry Paech, and Michael Lyons joined Tim Shortt, Graham Williams, and Alex Shortt in a major clean up.

A sincere thank you to all that responded to the call for help. The next day the Club hosted the Lower South East/Mid South East/ Upper South East, SAPSASA qualifying for their State Final on August 31 and September 1, at Adelaide Shores Golf Club.

Parents, officials and players arrived not knowing that areas of the Club course had been damaged.

Players that qualified were :

Arabella Bhutia (Naracoorte)

Susannah Bhutia (Naracoorte)

Hayden Tapscott (Naracoorte)

Byron Colls (Bordertown)

Mitchell Angel (Kingston)